DotEMU: A Competitor to GoG?

Before today I had never heard of DotEMU. Then a small blurb on a freeware site mentioned that the service was celebrating it's year anniversary by giving away 5 games over the next 5 days. Well that got my attention.

On arrival I could immediately see the resemblances to GoG is style and game catalog. The games are retro, DRM-Free and can be downloaded anywhere, anytime. You will find more than the $5.99 or $9.99 price points available, there are some games as little as $1.90 and as high as $19.95 plus a few familiar freebies as well. They also sell some games separately such as Gobliiins, Creatures and Istar instead of only together as a pack.

The catalog itself is pretty sparse currently but contains some games unavailable on GoG. The bizarre Salammbo for instance (which is available on GamersGate but at twice the price), and some games that aren't available on any service I'm part of, such as Metal Mutant and Guilty Gear Isuka. I've signed up and will keep my eye on this little store, you never know what may be around the corner.

Today you can get Hammerin Harry for free (Emulated from the Arcade version), yesterday it was Gobliiins (which I unfortunately missed) and the next three days will bring Robinson's Requiem, Dragon Breed and Warzone 2100 in that order. Sign up and snap them up.
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