Daily Freeware

Onslaught on the way...
  • Noteliner - is an outliner/todo program with a very easy-to-use interface.
  • Gwennel Doc - is a WYSIWYG Open Document editor with TreeNote type document handling.
  • Gwennel Web - is a WYSIWYG editor for the Mediawiki document format.
  • ImgBurn - is once again updated to v2.5.4.0 fixing an annoying bug.
  • ChromePlus - has been updated to v1.5.1.1.
  • SRWare Iron - the judiciously privacy-minded version of Chrome has been updated to v8.0.555.0.
  • Just Gestures - extensive mouse gesturing utility for global and per-app usage.
  • SaveGameBackup.net - is another save game backup system with an updating game list.
  • Create Synchronicity - is a multi-profile file-synchronizing utility with scheduling and available in a portable version.
  • XBOOT - is a multiboot iso creator for a number of predefined OS and utility ISO's.
  • UAC Trust Shortcut - is a utility to create a shortcut that will automatically trust the file for execution.
  • Complete Internet Repair - is a fast and easy way to reset the network stack and associated programs after a malware attack.
  • CleanMem - has been updated to v1.6.4.
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