Daily Freeware

Backlog coming your way...
  • LoudTalks - is a push-to-talk voice solution for up to 10 people for free. Paid service is available.
  • Tixati - is a Bittorrent client with many features such as Magnet Link support, encryption and throttling. The last of which will surely ban it's use in certain circles but works great for general downloading.
  • LanBench - is a great way to test bandwidth between local networked computers.
  • IP Traffic Spy - is a WinPcap-free way to spy on what information is being transferred to and from your computer. Available in 32 and 64 bit.
  • MyCollections - is an all-in-one solution for cataloging your media, games and books by pulling information from the internet. A little klunky and currently very French-centric but plugins can be written for various websites.
  • Easy-Data Mediaplayer - is an all-in-one media player, converter, splitter/joiner, renaming, screen capture utility that is a little rough around the edges at the moment but will surely develop.
  • FeedDemon - has finally settled on a v4.0.0.20 release in non-beta.
  • ImgBurn - has been updated to v2.5.3.0 with the usual cavalcade of changes. Be sure to uncheck the Ask toolbar crapware that is now bundled.
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