Pachter Wrong Again

Once again, Michael "Bend over and take it already" Pachter has blown his mental wad all over himself in an attempt to seem useful. Seems his ideas about Call of Duty becoming an online monthly pay option are completely false, assuming you believe Activision's CEO Eric Hirshberg.

I really have little use for Pachter as all he ever predicts is the fall of gaming. Why do so many want to get off the WoW teat? That monthly charge they're paying for! Companies switching to this model, especially for something previously established as free, can expect flak and discontent from even paying customers. WoW is an anomaly as can be attested to by, oh, every pay-per-month MMO released since. You can stop expecting that billion dollar monthly cash cow and understand that the baby boom curve is on the decline and reserved for a single champion - and that's not you.
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