Daily Freeware

...and the goods just keep on rolling:
  • Mini Edit - is a distraction-free, whole screen text editor for you OCD types.
  • Task List Guru - is a tree-node based to-do list with notes and reminders.
  • Escaro - is a Personal Organizer with calender, to-do, reminders, contacts, bills management and more. Grab it quick before it goes payware.
  • Comodo Easy VPN - is an easy and free way to set up a VPN across unlimited users for secure file sharing and game playing.
  • TeamTalk - is a voice and video conferencing client and server for multiple simultaneous users.
  • Classic Shell - is for those curmudgeons out there that hate the Vista/7 menu and still believe XP had the best interface.
  • nVidia Inspector - the alternative to nHancer, has just been updated to v1.94.
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