Onlive Drops Monthly Fee

...and the internet responds with a collective a-duh-uh! Onlive, the cloud-based, buy-it-and-don't-own-it gaming system that lets you play anything in their catalog on almost any computer you own has dropped their monthly fees. Originally required to pay for the privilege of paying for things you will never own (no I haven't slipped into a WarCraft Rant but you can savvy the connection), the creators of Onlive have decided they can continue without it. I still take issue, in case the hammer I'm using isn't big enough, with the fact that you pay full price for a game that disappears the moment Onlive closes it's doors or you close your account.

What the internet wants is the GameTap system of paying a monthly fee for all you can eat. Seriously, they know it, we know it and they know we know it, which is why they won't give us what they know we know we want. We know what they want, we won't give it to them because they know we know that they know we will eventually get what we want with or without them. Simple enough?

I actually wish them the best of luck. I want them to succeed for no reason other than proving the validity of the technology and the equity that the proper price model will bring. Then hopefully Steam will jump in, do it right and give me access to the hundreds of titles I already own through them. Go Onlive!
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