Bioshock 2 PC: DLC of Dreams

2K announced that no patch or DLC would be coming to PC, and that's final. Well it seems that's not final as 2K has reversed it's decision. PC users can expect a patch that will update the game to meet the console version and will release the Protector Trials for free. Minerva's Den may be a different situation though as significant additional development is required. 2K's story on why the PC was initially skipped states that the patch and DLC were simply broken and they were unable to fix it within the alloted product timeline. You could argue this is not 2K's fault and taking big business into account I can see how that happens, but that doesn't make it ok.

Companies need to own up to their products and patches should be priority one. You made the product, you sold the product, you are responsible for the product. You don't get a free pass just because the next "big thing" is in the pipe. I can understand DLC, it's extra, but leaving your product in a broken state is unacceptable - even for the currently less-lucrative PC.

Bioshock 2 was not one of these cases but fixes were necessary as can be attested to by the patch that the console version received. At least it's coming and 2K expects to have the final patch and the Protector Trials ready for certification in December. They should be commended for reversing their decision but bigger commendations should go to the PC gamers who managed to get 2K's attention with enough interest to reallocate resources (and money) to finishing most if not all of what they started.
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