Need for Speed World Goes Free-To-Pay

Electronic Arts latest NFS offering is now free-to-play for the masses which saves new players the $20 Starter Pack, a one-time fee, for access to what was being charged for. You will get all the updates and new content that is and will be available, all for free.

Ok, that's BS and we know that, there is money exchanging hands here or EA wouldn't do it, simple economics. Microtrasactions is the key here and Boost (in-game name for cash) can be won, but is faster to buy. In order to get the basics needed for any real racing that you want to do, power-ups, car rentals (yes rentals) all require Boost. The game is tiered in a painfully slow way, ala WoW, to keep you grinding and paying out of course.

Free is still free though, and if you have nothing but time on your hands - you're a lucky bastard.
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