Daily Freeware

A backlog to clear out:
  • KMPlayer - has finally been updated to +3.0 status, fixing some issues.
  • SPlayer - has also been updated to 3.6, changing up the GUI and menus in an ease-of-use, but questionable way.
  • NeoTextureEdit - is a graphic editor meant for the creation of seamless textures.
  • IconXpert - is a browser and extractor for icons contained within EXE's and DLL's.
  • SIV - (System Information Viewer) has been updated to v4.12 to include more information and add hardware support.
  • Font Frenzy - is a quick and easy way to browse and clean up your font folder.
  • SoundBoard 4 Voice Chat - is a programmable sound board with sound pack capability for quick switch outs.
  • Game Fire - is a system optimizer for temporarily shutting down processes and services while also defraging disks and memory.
  • Tunngle - is a private virtual network to play games over the internet. Now updated to include Windows 7 certification for proper installation.
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