Steam Adding Achievements Afterwards

Seems that both Sniper: Ghost Warrior and Borderlands (Steam version only) have just been given Steam achievements through the latest patches to further entice the macho high-scoring gene within the reptilian cortex of gamers. But I just beat that game dammit, I don't want to go through that again so soon! Apparently for Borderlands I can relax as loading a saved game will unlock any achievo's you would have received anyway, Sniper on the other hand seems to have no info concerning this.

I'm not exactly an Achievement Whore by any means, but getting that One Shot, Two Kills or the Seeker (find all secrets) achievo would have gone farther to reward me for doing something beyond zombiing my way through the game. I understand the dev teams wanting to add value to their product, especially in Sniper's case due to the string of bad rep it was getting just after release for difficulty, but Borderlands has been out since October of 2009.

What this may mean is that Steam is proving to be such a strong marketplace for game makers that patching for the Steam platform is money-productive and worth the effort. This in turn snowballs and hopefully will prove to the Bungie's, Epic's and RockStar's of the world that the answer to PC game piracy may be simply a need for convenience, reward and less restrictive DRM - all things that console users have enjoy for years.
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