PS3 Cracked, Piracy is a Go

Why would I shed light on a way to pirate PS3 games when this blog is intended to be anti-piracy you ask? Simply to prove a point; piracy is available to all platforms so lets start collecting and acknowledging statistics from all sources instead of just the PC. Companies shun the PC and point to piracy as the cause, silently stating that there is no piracy on consoles, bzzzt! Incorrect.

This idea in turn propagates and influences other companies to due the same, ignoring the fact that it is demonstrably false. The 360 has had a firmware hack for years now yet no one wants to point that out publicly for trepidation of the FUD that it would generate. Here we have the last fallen domino in the console piracy war and can now consider the footing equal.

So lets take that collective ignorance and selective acknowledgement of facts and find something legitimate to point at in defense of the lack of support so it can be overcome already.
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