PC Not Getting the Shaft for a Change

Special editions come to the consoles in droves. Night Vision goggles, making-of DVD's, toys, comic books and in-game bonuses rarely come to the PC. Mass Effect 2 was an exception and I bought the Collector's Edition on day-freaking one without a second thought or even knowing what I was getting, just to show my support.

Well it seems that Darksiders is not only coming to PC, but it's getting a special edition as well called the Hellbook Edition. It's looking sweet and I am most definitely in...
Another interesting event in the PC camp is that, according to Kotaku (and Jay Wilson), Diablo III will be PC only. Yes, it's Blizzard and yes, many would sound a collective Duh! to that statement but it's semi-official-official. There will be a Mac version (really?) but "no plans" for a console version. With the immense community available to consoles, this is really a bold move. StartCraft II is understandable, RTS and consoles just don't mix but a console D3 port would probably be simple and insanely lucrative. I'm not bitching, just pleasantly surprised at Blizzard's dedication to the PC (and Mac) platform.
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