Machinarium Pirate Amnesty Sale

Machinarium is an strange adventure game of twisted artwork, good music and excellent design. It has been on Steam for as little as $9 but I have never purchased it - and no, I never pirated it either. While I was not willing to shell out $20 for the game, I definitely added it to my "get when cheap" list. Amanita Design, the company behind the game, released it sans copy protection and surprisingly enough, it was pirated the hell out of. This sale, dubbed Pirate Amnesty is for those people. You can now get the full game and soundtrack for a mere $5 from the website. Personally I would rather it on Steam and according to comments, I'm not alone. Having an email to a download link that will expire in a week is not comforting and having to pirate it again in the future when my backup disc dies really defeats the purpose. However at that price, I will have to snag it before the Aug 12 ending date.
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