Freeware Gaming

Latest batch hot and ready. First up we have Around the World in 33 Days which is a strange platformer with built in mini-games such as a Guitar Hero spin-off.
Next up we Halo 2600 and it's just what it sounds like. I was going to add it yesterday but being a browser-only game made it seem less genuine somehow, as in a look alike only. Seems that's not the case, you can download the 4k rom that will work with an Atari 2600 emulator as well as get an actual cartridge that was in a 100 piece limited run at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Hard to imagine it not making another run due to the success of the first, so collector's should keep their eyes peeled.
Spyman is another platformer in traditional old school style (including a spiffy grappling hook!) including a password system for level advancement.
Finally, By The Numbers is a mostly one-room AGS adventure of short length but with full voice acting. You are a cop questioning an eyewitness about a string of kidnappings. Much better than it sounds, trust me.
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