OpenBOR Attack

OpenBOR is a fantastic engine for creating old school fighting games. I could end this entry right there as that would be all the info required for those who are interested, but I will entice you nonetheless. Up front, you will have to create an account on the LavaLit site to download the following, but it's worth that small price for the fantastic amount of gaming awaiting you.

You will require a copy of OpenBOR to run these games, downloadable from the LavaLit page. Now on with the goodies:

Battletoads Double Dragon: Return of the Dark Forces is pretty much self explanatory, the chocolate and peanut butter combo of early arcade goodness.
Double Dragon Zero is more of a Final Fight beat 'em up that looks buttery smooth.
Double Dragon Gaiden is the classic Double Dragon game with some spiffy new moves.
Be sure to check the site out more thoroughly, personally I could spend all day there downloading.
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