Daily Freeware

The latest build-up of free goodies...
  • Peer Block - is the next generation of Peer Guardian, an IP blocker for those wishing for certain address such as advertising and crapware to just piss off.
  • Wallpaper Manager - handy wallpaper changer with timers, multimonitor support and image aspect adjustment.
  • SystemNucleus - system management utility with an abundance of handy utilities such as driver backups, service, startup, and installed program editors build into a single program.
  • Norton Power Eraser - free crapware remover, requires knowledge on what to remove or will be dangerous.
  • AutoPlay Menu Studio - is a multimedia presentation builder for applications such as CD/DVD menus or even games. Don't let the scare tactics fool you, it's free and full for personal use. Use FileForum to bypass their sign-up bs.
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