Grooveshark - Free Music or Piracy Portal?

Grooveshark, nominated for "dumbest name for a service" by me, is a music listening portal that allows you to search for a song or group and stream everything the service has in it's databases for free. What it says it has and what it does are at 50/50 odds but a song will be listed multiple times so if nothing happens, try another. You can create an account for preferences, people and playlist capabilities among other things, but anonymously returning to the site after shutting it down will read the last requests you made if you should choose.

Nothing special is required to play the music, plugins or otherwise and you can upload songs. Other than a banner add at the side, there seems to be nothing to monetize this project and the legalities are questionable to say the least. Tread carefully here, but it could be a useful tool to discover new music to purchase from more reputable sources.
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