Splinter Cell (Almost) Complete on Sale

Steam has it's Splinter Cell catalog on sale this weekend. You can get Splinter Cell, Chaos Theory, Double Agent and Conviction Deluxe for $45.99. You'll note that Pandora Tomorrow is missing from the pack as well and the Conviction Insurgency Pack DLC. Pandora Tomorrow is excusable as it's not even available on Steam for some reason, but the DLC could have been added at a discount. A tenner for 4 maps is about as inexcusable as Modern Warfare 2's $15 for 5, regardless of how large they are.

At any rate, already having the entire series on disk I still purchased it on Steam for the convenience of not having to use cracks to get around disk checks and system debilitating DRM while still being able to play online. It's a fantastic series (Double Agent notwithstanding) and if you haven't played it, kick yourself and buy it now.
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