John Romero Wants to...

I have a confession to make. I like Daikatana! Now before you close this post and call me crazy, hear me out. Yes I like Daikatana, would buy a shrink-wrapped copy and get Mr. Romero to autograph it just so I could own what many believe to be the worst game ever made. I like it, pimples and all and feel that beyond the Suck It Down smack talk that preemptively ruined any chance the game had, there was something there.

No I don't expect you to give it a chance, buy it on amazon, or even agree with anything I'm saying. But how about I entice you with what many feel is the best version of Daikatana ever made, for Free?

John's Daikatana page has an interesting download link at the bottom. An unreleased Rom of a GameBoy Color version that never made it to the US. It's a Zelda-like top down adventure RPG and works perfectly with an emulator such as Visual Boy Advance. Currently the download links are broken but a quick Google Search will find it for you.
Gamesauce has a recent interview with Mr. Romero that is well worth a read, even if you hated Daikatana.
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