Daily Freeware

More Free goodies coming up:
  • Don't Sleep is a handy util to stop your computer from shutdown, hibernation, restart and standby. Does not affect your default power settings.
  • Universal Viewer has been updated to 5.30 but you'll want the nav.exe from 5.21 as that part has now become shareware.
  • Crack Tracker is a crack search tool designed to help find cracks to your software and easily send take-down emails.
  • ASCII Scan is a small viewer that non-intrusively strips unreadable bits from EXE's and DLL's for easier reading.
  • CleanMem is a portable, non-resident memory cleaning utility that cuts the fat from running processes.
  • WinBar is a system information bar to show things like CPU and memory usage. Now updated with an x64 edition that works in Win7.
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