ACTA, Three Strikes and You

You may or may not have heard of the three strikes law that the MPAA and other wannabe law enforcement agencies have pushed in the past. This law would allow you as an internet consumer to be accused, that's accused - not convicted, of downloading illegal, copyright-infringing files only three times before your internet would be disconnect permanently. After which your name would be added to a do-not-provide-for list which would prevent you from ever getting the internet again.

Really, I'm not making that up.

This bill was voted against and dismissed, however it has returned on the heels of another act in the process of being passed. This one is an anti-counterfeiting bill and the powers that be have not only covertly tagged it on but tried to disavow it's existence within said bill so no one would know it's there.

Yes I'm Canadian, you could say it doesn't affect me but it will. You can read a summation of what is known over on CNET's MollyRants page.
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