More Retro Gaming Goodness

Some great new old games for you this weekend:

LV-426 is a remake of Aliens by Electric Dreams for the old C64. If you like this type of game, check out the rest of Derbian Games as there is plenty of old school fun to be had.

Next up we have Digital: A Love Story, yes that's just so crazy sounding you have to try it don't you? An Uplink-esk game that places you on an Amiga Workbench where you dial BBS's download utilities and Hack protected systems. The retro ambiance in this little title is amazing, complete from background chip tunes to the modem dial and handshake.
Finally we have Special Agent, a remake/homage of Apogee's Secret Agent. It's missing the gritty goodness of CGA/EGA low res, but I won't hold that against the game.
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