Battlefield 2: Bad Company - Advantage PC

There has been mucho blabo about BFBC2, especially concerning the PC vs Console debate. For instance, the GameTrailers Review (06:40 approx) states that the PC version "lags behind" in visuals compared to the consoles. Yet on their very site a PC Walkthrough video states pretty plainly that the graphical enhancements are beyond their console counterparts with features such as unlocked framerate, FOV adjustment, multi-monitor support, HBAO and DX11 soft-shadowing enhancements. Comparing a PS3 to a POS, years old and off the shelf at a discount store, is not a real comparison. This doesn't even take into account the UI specific enhancements that highlight the superiority a mouse and keyboard provide or the PC's 32 vs Console's 24 man servers for multiplayer. Clearly stated: Advantage PC.

Through blind ignorance, console cowboys continually try touting their hardware's superiority. It was barely on par with the available PC hardware at release and while the PC's FOV and multi-monitor support seem to be up in the air at the moment, it's hackable and more importantly, technically viable. The consoles have low FOV and framerate locks to compensate for the lower computing power - less screen draw equals lower requirements. Technology didn't stop at the creation of your specific console as a Mans Greatest Achievement unlock resounded across the world. It advances as time progresses much like everything else and believe it or not, firmware updates are not hardware upgrades - your console is not faster now.

Next up on "Catch a Clue" we have an interview with Patrick Bach on Gameasutra where he explains that the first Bad Company didn't come to PC's because they thought it wouldn't appeal to PC gamers. A previously PC-specific brand that is still active after a 5 year release and you thought we wouldn't want it? So now that the PC version of BFBC2 has surpassed both of the consoles for number of players, will we get BFBC3? Will our "more forgiving when it comes to certain types of technical polish" outweigh our "not as forgiving of certain design aspects" when the sequel arrives?

Maybe that's unfair, it's very true that PC gamers don't want a watered down console port. Nobody is pining for PC version of BF2: Modern Combat but we as PC gamers want the choice. Watching the barrage of games that are console specific really chaffs our outrage and "console games are starting to be more like PC games, and PC games are starting to be more like console games" is just another way of saying that.

Again, the PC gamers prove that we buy games - given the chance to do so.

*Edit* It seems the PC is not the leader in most players according to GamerZines, this is due to European PC players being included. So Europe doesn't have 360's or PS3's that would likely have also been counted?
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