Playing Half-Life 2 AGAIN!

Dammit all, I though 5 was the magic number but I guess I was wrong. Filip Victor, a 20 year old modder, has updated Half-Life 2 with the new engine enhancements that Episode 2 (required) enjoys. Whats more, he has updated the models and added achievements. I'm not sure how this last part was done as I would think Valve would take issue with such things, but nothing has been mentioned contrarily so far.

Worse yet, all of the FakeFactory Cinematic Mod talk made me go back to take a look at this archaic project and find what a massive difference has taken place since last I downloaded. HL2 has never looked so amazing! Now I have a dilemma, install the Filip Victor Mod to get the Achievements and a minor update or install FFCM and have an incredibly massive (10GB) revamp of not only HL2, but both of the Episodes as well.

I would like both, and this post seems to indicate a compatibility with FFCM, but does not explain if the links are to a specially packaged version or a blanket statement. Either way, I'll download now and patch/hack together later.

A more explanational post of the Filip Vector mod can be found on SoftPedia while a fast download torrent for both the FV Mod and the FFCM Mod are the best way to get it on.

Filip Victor Mod:

FakeFactory Cinematic Mod v10.0
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