Rogue Warrior Letdown

I played Bethesda's new Rogue Warrior FPS yesterday and I have to say that I'm glad I didn't lay down the green for this. The single player game itself can be completed in an hour and an half, for $50. Are you for real? Never mind the fact that you can't play it properly in Windows 7 64bit due to the hitching every second, that's patchable, but an hour and a half? You would think the multiplayer would make up for the short game, but you would be wrong. Generic Deathmatch and Capture the Flag is all that waits for you and players are anything but plentiful or happy when you find them.

Gameplay itself is generic as well with the only notable difference being a plethora of silent kill animations. Also notable is the torrent of tourette-syndrome-infused expletives that Mickey Rourke's gravely voice spouts with vim and vigor. Perhaps the book on which it is based has a narrative, but here it's more like a string of cutting room floor missions from Activision's Soldier of Fortune.
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