JamLegend - More Guitar Hero

I'm sure Facebook fans have heard of this little diversion before, but I don't Facebook. JamLegend is a browser-based Guitar Hero clone with 834 contributed songs, many indie but some popular covers exist. The game is typical for the genre, but contains no support for things like whammy bar or star powerups. A good string of notes will get you multipliers, but no god mode for those impossible solo's.

The controls are through the keyboard which can be emulated using xpadder and a Guitar Hero controller if you desire. A few issues with it currently for me is the small drop zone for notes and the horrible strumming action that the browser provides. You can use tap-only control and is the way I had to play to get any success but a Practice mode exists that provides a no-fail mode. Registration is possible and if you choose to do so, your scores will be saved. Comparing how well you did next to the highest score is displayed while you play, but I'd like to see an average score as well. Cheaters have no doubt figured out how to game the system and is likely an unfair comparison.

This is a great way to find new bands to check out, but more options for genre to play and English-only would be nice.

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