The Marionette - Free Adventure Goodness

Team Effigy has been working on a classic point and click adventure game using AGS called The Marionette. In production since September 2006, the team hit their goal of November 9th 2009 and the full version can be downloaded now. An excerpt from the site:
Martin is a bachelor and sculptor struggling to make a living in the city. He specializes in modelling human figures, and often hires people to pose for him in his studio. To him, they are just models, and his interest in them is solely for the purpose of his art.
One evening, he receives an envelope in the mail. The envelope is unmarked except for the numbers 1011 scribbled in a corner. Inside is a strange photo.
Soon after, Martin finds himself in a different world, where time and space mean nothing, and ghosts from the past will not die...
I've already snagged the 100mb download, so I'll be jumping in soon. Some screenshots can be found at the AGS Forums.
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