Lost in Freewareland

A new freeware site has taken up my whole day, FreewareGenius has a huge list of free stuff I have never heard of before. Some of the new stuff I would suggest:
  • Kana Launcher - a taskbar or hotkey enabled menu popup that uses standard LNK shortcuts and can be made portable.
  • Remobo - VPN setup that's easy and can support playing games over it's connections.
  • Ammyy Admin - Another VNC type program with a single exe serving as client and server and utilizes a IP-Free connection system.
  • Viewer2 - A completely bloated but completely cool picture organizer, has to be seen.
  • Storybook - Software for completely organizing a novel-writing project, an OCD's wet dream.
And of course some games:
Some interesting Links:
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