Formal Net Neutrality Proposal has a story on the Net Neutrality rules the FCC is proposing. These rules will affect the ISP's more than the consumer in that it demands that traffic not be throttled and is allowed to pass uninterrupted. BitTorrent and P2P clients are routinely throttled to "allow more bandwidth for others", which is of course a load of crap - they just want to sell you a higher priced package. ISP's, in defense, are siting everything from the destruction of innovation to the crash of the Internet in a typical scare tactic to get the common man on their side.

The simple fact of the matter is that it yanks their stranglehold on pricing and forces them to create a level playing field for all. What we need now is to apply this to the egregious Cellphone data plans and pull that phallus out of our collective asses as well. Don't buy all their booga-booga about the proposal, just vote yes.
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