Flash Games and Videos Without the Web

I don't know about the rest of the planet, but I hate browser based games. Not that they're inherently bad or that they use flash, but simply that I can't download them - easily. Sure you can dig them out of your cache, but it's a pain the ass so you tend to do it for only seriously liked games. Well Moyea has developed a simple Flash Downloader that works like a charm for a good chunk of the flash games out there like those on NewGrounds. Not just for games obviously, but that's what I want it for. To go along with this you can also use FlashOffliner, use the link as Googling it is an exercise in frustration. This program will let you set up and play flash games you downloaded offline.

On a similar but unrelated note, FLVDownloader is available if you are into the YouTube video scene and if you would like to snag the audio from an FLV, try FLVExtract. It can extract audio or video from an FLV without conversion.
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