Daily Freeware

The weekend in Freebies:
  • nHancer - now at 2.55, officially supporting the 191.xx nVidia Drivers.
  • USB Dos Drivers - Seriously, yes, for everything from Mice and keyboards to Joysticks and hubs.
  • C64prgGen - Program the C64 in a windows environment, export to .D64 - oh yes, I will be downloading.
  • Wallpaper Manager - a free-as-in-beer wallpaper manager with multi-monitor support.
  • BullZip PDF Printer - Just like it sounds, no popups, watermarks or logo's.
  • PDFill PDF Writer - similar to the above, but using ghostscript and contains a basic editor.
And of course some games:
Not Free, but damn close:
  • Bullet Candy Perfect - An updated version now available for whatever you want to pay ($1USD minimum).
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