CrimeCraft Now Free to Pay

In a move that many completely expected, CrimeCraft is now Free to Pay. Not surprisingly, the MMO isn't doing too great at the retail shelves and Vogster is following the beaten path to the eventual death of the game. This phase will allow you to join for free and play, but limit what you can do in the game without forking over your cash. The comparison page illustrates pretty cleanly how little will be available in the free portion of their world. Soon enticements such as new weapons, maps, factions etc. will be tried but the game will refuse to be the profit whore they want. Later will come the "We're Closing" phase where those who subscribed will be allowed to continue playing without the sub fee for the final few months before the final stage of closure.

Had this game simply come out as a one buy multi-player game, I believe the interest would have been the same. It simply isn't that compelling but at least the customers would be able to continue playing after Vogster has buried it in the back yard.
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