DemoFall 2009 Goodies

DemoFall, an emerging tech showcase, had some interesting toys shown this year.

First there is Emo Labs Invisible Speaker technology that uses a transparent plastic covering your LCD/Plasma/LapTop/Monitor image to produce sound seemingly directly from the screen. The videos show it in action but the actual audio quality is hard to discern. Surely better than the squeakers that are built-in but that doesn't say much and there also isn't a surround solution so this is not targeted at enthusiasts.

Secondly we have Spawn Labs Spawn HD-720 which is explained as a SlingBox for your console and similar to the OnLive Service except no monthly fee and you are streaming your own hardware. It lives on the same cloud at the moment though meaning that Internet latency and bandwidth fluxuation is nowhere near where it should be for this to be possible. Even Lan serving is questionable as can be attested to anyone who has tried realtime VNC Video transfer. Spawn Labs shop has it available for purchase and on top of the $199.95 price tag you are expected to purchase an adapter at $29.95 for each console you wish to share. No live demo is available which is what this needs to sell itself, but Engadget has a hands on.
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