4GB Windows 32Bit Limit a Licencing issue?

An interesting and extensive article by Geoff Chappell on the 4GB limit in 32Bit Windows systems poses a new explanation - Licensing. Apparently a simple registry entry tells Windows that it's not licensed to use more than 4GB of Ram but no, you cannot just change it to get access - Something more complicated is required. The demonstration requires the Windows kernel itself must be modified to ignore the registry setting as well as running it in Test Mode so this is not a final solution, just proof of concept. While extensive testing was not applied, this shows that the Win32 kernel is not 4GB limited as has been stated by numerous sources. Does this mean you shouldn't upgrade to Win64? Hell no!

Regardless of memory limitations, 64bit is advancement in programming architecture and the way forward. Many legacy programs use outdated hacks and tricks to perform better or protect themselves from cracks and can cause system instability and crashes. We really need a clean(er) slate to build from and slashing two decade old code from the bug reports is a great start.

Yes 16bit applications do not run in 64bit, but why the hell are you still running software that old? You are a mega corporation with 16bit software on thousands of workstations? Upgrade already! Sure that deal you got in the early 80's where you screwed some just-out-of-college programmer into building it for a song was great but that was 25+ years ago, it payed for itself millions of times over - forgo that 3rd Farrari and move the company forward.
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