Old Schoolin' Made Easy

After hearing about an Abandonware site called OldSchoolApps from the PCGamer Podcast, I thought I'd check it out. A quick perusal was enough to prompt me to click a few links, which prompted me to load up DosBox or more specifically DBGL a Front-End for DosBox, which promptly reminded me of how much I hate Java Apps. I commend Ronald Blankendaal for his creation as it has been the best solution for me, but I hate Java Apps. They're clunky, slow and always require tweaking to get running correctly due to different java builds, locations and 32 or 64 bit installations. I don't blame the programmers, I blame Sun Microsystems - Java Sucks. After all this prompting, I promptly began to once again look for a solution to my dilemma.

In walks D-Fend Reloaded.

Where have you been all my life? This little front end does it all, preconfigured setups for various games already in package, extensive though unnecessary tweaking abilities, and drag and drop zip file support. I'll TAKE it!
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