Mafia II: PC Lead Developed

PC Games Hardware attended a presentation of Mafia II for the Xbox 360 (traitors!) that apparently failed to impress in the graphical department. Being a huge fan of the original, I was dismayed to hear this but not entirely surprised; The gameplay footage previously shown was pretty dismal visually but I had attributed that to the low res video.

The guys at PCGH managed to get some face time with the developers afterwards that did shine a light though: The PC is the lead platform for development. What this affords us is a proper game with advantages that the 360 is not capable of such as higher frame rate, better graphics (their words) and GPU Physx acceleration.

The gameworld is set to be completely load free and seemless and while the demonstration did not do a good job of showing this, the developers assured that the code will be heavily optimized before the 2010 release. Now if we can just get Steam or GOG to re-release the original for play in the meantime.
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