Kali Still in Existence?

BluesNews had a quick blurb on Kali, a piece of software that allowed you to play IPX games across the internet (similar in concept to what Hamachi does today). It existed waaaay back in the old days before this new fangled Internet Gaming Thingy took off and game publishers added things like native TCP/IP gameplay support - Sort of the opposite of what Blizzard is/was doing with StarCraft 2.

I had long and completely forgotten that I actually bought said software when I had tried numerous times unsuccessfully to find a working pirated version. Another similar program out at the time by the name of Kahn also landed in my buy list which was subsequently abandoned but then released as free. I wondered if my serial for Kali still worked as one of the buying points was free updates for life. Apparently yes - Wow, lifetime free updates really do work!

Although technically still alive, Kali hasn't had an update since 2005 so really unless someone breathes life into it, it's a dead project. I can't help but believe that had Kali been released today the cost of the program would have been monthly. I equally believe that had the creators went with this model, not only would it have become the All Seeing Eye, it likely would still be relatively healthy today.

One thing that the Kali Wiki reminded me of was that all Windows versions after XP do not contain the IPX protocol. If Kali were smart and updated their software, they could take advantage of this discrepancy and build a new Peer-to-Peer Network Sharing/Gaming platform using IPX that could integrate with older software like GoG.com's releases as well as allow file sharing and native IPX programs like lan chat applications to function. Add some encryption and you have a DarkNet.

While I can't remember the last time I wanted to play WarCraft II or Diablo: Hellfire multiplayer, the possibilities that are posed are interesting. They could completely reverse their original concept and convert TCP/IP back over to IPX to funnel it though for Lan over Internet Play.
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