Windows 7 Cracked Before Public Release

The one and only Neowin reports that Windows 7 RTM has been cracked with an OEM master key. This crack is the same basic thing that was done for Vista and it must be embarrassing for M$ to have fallen into the same hole. Given how little the software giant has been able to combat the Vista crack, it looks grim for their chances against a similar attack.

The bigger problem here is simply cost; $100+ for a piece of software that 90% of computer users will install or have pre-installed on every new machine is a little rich. Subsidizing through "upgrade" paths is hamstringed by the need for a previous OS to be installed and running on the target computer before 7 can even be installed. A family pack is planned according to rumor, but their is no telling what the savings will be or the requirements involved.

I wish I could say I won't be utilizing this crack, but I may be lying.
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