Old Habits...

Although I am trying to hammer straight the crooked path I have walked, I still utilize practices looked upon as questionable by some and outright violation by others. For instance, I use unprotected content for any game that forces me to either insert the DVD into the drive or hands me limited activations that are either irrevocable, or paltry in number. I bought the game, I'll play it how I want to: with the least amount of hassle and without your damn permission.

Another illicit practice I employ is downloading games, "But that's piracy!" you say, "All this talk of reform is utter rubbish!" Not exactly. There are titles that are arbitrarily held back in some countries while being released in others. There are also games that have no demo or the demo is not a true representation of the game. Lastly, there's the simple "Will I like it?" factor. If I buy what I play and delete what I don't, is it really theft?

Ok, that argument is slightly maligned by the fact that I'm not exactly pure in this regard.

There are games that are indecently overpriced; enjoyable but not the firecrackers-from-the-fanny, high-priced harlots they claim to be. I will check for sales and buy if the price is fair, but some titles just never seem to drop. CoD4 is still the same $50 it was when it was relased two years ago! Velvet Assassin debuted at $60, is still $60, is worth maybe $20 and only if you are a masochist.

So, suffice to say my halo is tarnished and only slightly skewed by horns. Have I found a better application for my errant ways or am I just returning to old habits?
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