Dead Space 2 PC DLC MIA is EA BS

Dead Space 2 on PC was getting a raw deal when it came to DLC, it would not be coming to the platform. Fast forward to yesterday and an announcement that, thanks to a hacked saved game, you can at least have all of the weapons and suits. The assets were already in game but were simply bypassed for PC owners.

The save game has since been removed due to copyright violation and EA will likely rant and bitch about the PC userbase being a bunch of thieves. Well EA, you wouldn't let us purchase the DLC and it was already included in the game, what do you expect? Perhaps it was not purchasable due to a lack of built-in protection against this very hack, but why not simply give it to us for purchasing that game? Good PR is worth far more than you would have netted in sales on the DLC overall.

The next PC patch for the game will do one of two things: Completely remove the DLC content or unlock it. EA will have a chance to show the world its true colors then.
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