Duke Lives!

Naysayers be damned, Duke Nukem Forever is coming in 2011. The media blasted Duke and his bygone values of guns, guts and girls, dismissing him as irrelevant in these modern times. Apparently, largely successful movies such as The Expendables and Rambo (IV) whose plot solely rests on two of these three values must be an anomaly to them.

Of course it remains to be seen if the game, now being finished by GearBox as was suggested previously in the media, will live up to the hype after the long wait. I think I can safely guess that no one has maintained a high expectation of this game for the ten plus years it has been in production and, regardless of wow factor, it should be received on neutral ground to anyone not writing for the gaming media.

The majority of reviews will trash it regardless of quality due to the long development time but the actual customers, you know - the people who don't get their games for free, will likely be far more even tempered and fair to judge. Count me in as waiting to get some.
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