Latest PC Gaming Woe's and Go's

Infinity Ward announced via forum that Modern Warfare 2 is now ahead in sales of it's predecessor - hardly surprising considering the MW2 is now the day one sales record across all entertainment. Of course that's hardly accurate as movies cost $12 to watch where MW2 cost $70, but I guess that dulls the shine. What rubs it into the dirt thoroughly for me though is the measly 3% that constitutes the PC market, in the UK anyway. Argue boycotts all you want the reality is that PC gaming isn't selling well, at least for MW2, and in the UK.

More bad news is that the excellent port of Resident Evil 5 will not have DLC, at this point. This could mean a re-release with new content ala Super Street Fighter IV, but that's speculation for now. Without hard numbers it's difficult to say how well the PC version sold but it was a solid release and deserves every sale.

Not all bad news, players of the much maligned Battlefield 2142 can look forward to a new patch which will include a new Operation, two new maps, no DRM and Northern Strike. That's correct, the addon that had to be purchased will now be free with this latest update - much to previous owner's dismay to be sure. I'm still a bigger fan of BF2 but I may just give that game another shot, hopefully they have resolved the FOV issue.
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